About Us

How we got started

About the Owner

Linda Francis-Miller owns and operates PnL Solutions, Inc. She has an MBA and BSB/ACCT. She is registered with the IRS as a tax preparer and has over 20 years experiences in the accounting, payroll and tax prep field. Linda’s family has owned and operated businesses locally for over 30 years.

Most of Linda’s childhood was here in Cambridge. This is where she met and married her husband, raised her children and where her children are now raising their children.

Cambridge is where Linda and her family has and always will call home.

About the Company

PnL Solutions, Inc was established in 1998 on Wheeling Ave as a partnership between mother and daughter called PnL Bookkeeping. In 2004 we became an “S” Corp known as PnL Solutions, Inc then in 2008 one of the partners retired and in 2011 we relocated making our home at 918 Woodlawn Ave.

PnL Solutions, Inc does bookkeeping and payrolls services for small businesses as well as Business; Partnerships; LLC, S-Corp; Corp; Non-profits; Estates, Trust; Farms and Rental taxes. PnL Solutions, Inc operates a Jackson Hewitt Franchise which covers the following types of tax returns: Individual; Farms; Rentals; Royalties; and Oil and Gas Leases