Let us work for you!


PnL Solutions Inc. covers all of your payroll and bookkeeping needs. We will do payrolls and quarterly reports,
which include filing and automatically paying from your checking account though the government's electronic filing system.

These quarterlies are only released for payment once we get your permission to pay. You will be informed of
what is owed approximately 2 weeks before the due dates of these taxes.

Payrolls will be completed and transfered to you within 2 business days of the time we received your hours.
We can print just stubs and you can write out the actual check; alternatively, we can print the full thing, provided you
supply the necessary checks.

We offer bookkeeping on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis and will create Profit and Loss Statement for you.


We can prepare all types of tax returns.

Our office has over 20 years experience in bookkeeping, payroll and tax prep.

We treat people with respect and professionalism and we welcome all kinds of new challenges at reasonable prices.

Give us a call and allow us to set up an appointment to meet and discuss your individual and business needs.

(740) 439-4131 or contact us.