Tax Questions

Our Answers To Your Most Common Questions

  • How much does an individual’s tax return cost? +

    Our fees are based on what forms are generated to complete an accurate return for you.
  • Payment & Refund Options? +

    You can pay your fees up front and receive a check or direct deposit from the IRS or you can have your prep fees withheld from your federal refund and pick up a check at the office or get a direct deposit.
  • Tracking your refund? +

    Can track by calling 1-800-829-1040 or going online to “” and clicking on “where is my refund”
  • How do I know that the return is completed correctly? +

    Our staff has to go through 4 months of training and testing, and complete a series of test with the IRS.
  • What documents are necessary to complete my return? +

    All sources of income and any expenses you might be eligible for.
  • My only income is Social Security, do I have to file? +

    If there is no other income in the household then no it is not necessary for you to file.
  • Can anyone pick up my refund or get information about my tax return? +

    Absolutely not, you or your spouse is the only ones that can get information from your tax return or pick up your refund.
  • Do I need an appointment? +

    Appointments are appreciated, especially if you want a particular preparer but not necessary. We do welcome walk-ins. We also encourage Drop offs for those that don’t want to wait.
  • Divorced parents? +

    The divorce decree states which parent can claim the child or children. That parent has the rights unless the custodial parent signed an 8332 releasing those rights.
  • What are the statuses when filing a return +

    Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separate, Head of Household, Qualifying Widower.
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